Entrepreneurs Circle for Small Business

Get new sales, reward your customers

GoodCarts is the FREE, zero-risk app that “recycles” customers with intuitive digital discounts and seamless cross-promotion for your small business. We’re celebrating small business entrepreneurship and economic empowerment with our Entrepreneurs Circle.

This is the only GoodCarts circle to join without special approval if you are dropshipping products from outside your continent.

Please note: No weapons, alcohol or adult-themed products are permitted on GoodCarts.

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Increase sales effortlessly – and for free!

GoodCarts automatically shares your custom offer post-checkout with customers from our community small business stores and brands, attracting new customers and boosting your sales at no cost to you.

GoodCarts Example Coupons

Create an eye-catching offer in just minutes. New customers — already in purchasing mode — discover your ecommerce brand!

Choose your circle

Find your good, choose your circle (small business ecommerce, sustainable products, and other themes.)

Launch in minutes

Create your first custom offer and start reaching new customers in minutes (for real).

Customize to your branding

Match your brand with features such as custom images, logo and offer text.

Example Coupon Editing via GoodCarts Shopify App Dashboard
Example coupon editing via GoodCarts Shopify App Dashboard.

Make your best offer

Create your unique, exclusive GoodCarts offer for the value and expiration date(s) of your choosing. Your discount codes always remain safe from public distribution.

Maximize your ROI

Exclusive GoodCarts digital coupons help you reach new customers for up to 100x LESS than expensive and unpredictable ads. The GoodCarts app is 100% FREE for members with small businesses.

Reward your best customers

Give your customers the checkout experience they deserve with a custom invitation for exclusive discounts from other small business ecommerce brands in the GoodCarts network. 

When their purchase is confirmed, they’ll see a “Thank You” invitation — you control the message, the button text and colors. You “upcycle” your traffic to other entrepreneurs and they “upcycle” their traffic to you! Check out the demo here. 

Zero risk

You control the stores shown on your thank you page. No risk of promoting your direct competition.

Thank You Banner Example

Effortless setup

If you’re on the Shopify platform, we’ll automatically add the post-checkout invite to your store. For other ecommerce platforms, we have simple integration guides and help is available if needed.

NO obligation (zero, zilch, none)

GoodCarts has no contracts, no fees and no lock-in periods. You’re free to come and go as you please.

Attract your ideal customers ready to spend

Get ready for a regular pipeline of new conscious customers so you can grow sales.

GoodCarts Recycles Traffic

We all do better together

Become part of the GoodCarts community of ecommerce entrepreneurs and brands that make an impact.

Let’s chat

We love connecting live for Q and A. We want to learn more about you and we can share insights on how to win together with GoodCarts. Grab a time.

Grow your store—and your impact

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