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GoodCarts is a FREE app!

As our communities of ecommerce brands grow, we’re listening to our member brands and offering paid bonus features designed to increase visibility, online traffic, brand awareness and more.

First up is the Featured Discount.

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GoodCarts is excited to share our first paid bonus feature! All member stores are invited to subscribe for the introductory price of $10/month with NO COMMISSIONS! 

If you’re on Shopify: Log in to your Shopify account, navigate to the GoodCarts app. Then simply select the Featured Discount option. 

If you’re on WooCommerce: Login to your store admin, open the GoodCarts plugin. Then simply select the Featured Discount option.

If you’re on another ecommerce platform: Login to your My.GoodCarts.co account and navigate to the Featured Discount section.

When Featured, your discount will rotate through the first position on the page of discounts. On desktop, it will also appear three times the size of your existing image. Customers can see and select your offer first.

This can lead to:

  • Increased visibility for your offer
  • Increased clicks on your offer
  • Increased collections of your offer
  • Increased online traffic to your store
  • Increased redemptions of your offer

During our pilot, we found a 3x increase in clicks and collections of the same offer when featured (vs. not featured).

No! The Featured Discount can use your existing creative and offer. No additional setup work is required, you can simply subscribe to the bonus service.

Yes! For the price of a single subscription, your store may feature more than one discount at a time. The offers will simply randomly rotate in your designated Featured slot.

Use the Coupons section in your GoodCarts account to control which offers are Featured. The default Featured Discount when you subscribe will be your first (or only) active coupon. You can change that, select additional offers or create a new offer and Feature the offer(s) you choose.

Each time a shopper views their uniquely mixed page of discounts, there is only ONE Featured Discount. GoodCarts technology ensures your discount is Featured in random rotation among other Featuring stores.

As a bonus, stores featuring their discount will be invited to become the Good Deal of the week at no additional cost via our new conscious consumer email newsletter. This is a limited time bonus.

The GoodCarts Featured Discount service is billed monthly and is auto-renewed each month. For Shopify merchants, you will see a line item on your monthly bill. Users of other ecommerce platforms will be prompted to set up billing when you subscribe. You can cancel at any time. Refunds are not available for the $10 level.

Our no commissions commitment it through at least July, 2023.

Absolutely! We want to set you up for success, so we offer free setup and support services. To learn more, simply contact us with a link to your store and any questions you have and you’ll get the support you need.

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