Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Via our Shopify App you will be set up in minutes (yes, really…minutes).

Choose a feature image that will catch the attention of customers when creating your first coupon. You MUST create a coupon to be part of the GoodCarts network, we do not review stores for approval until after a coupon is created.

We also offer a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress and other platforms as well. You can get set up in about an hour. If you need technical assistance, just ask for help.

For many stores, this is a “set it and forget it” opportunity.  We recommend you optimize your discount’s creative to boost redemptions. You can even run multiple offers to test which work best.

Consumers are looking for ways to shop their values, so we created GoodCarts circles. Adding yourself to the circle that best describes your business will help qualified customers find you and be inspired to make a purchase.

Once you install our Shopify appWooCommerce plugin or create your GoodCarts account for other platforms, you can then select your primary circle.

Choose the GoodCarts circle you feel may best fit your business.

In some cases, your business may qualify for multiple circles — choose the circle that you feel best describes your company or the founding team. You may choose only one primary circle.

We’ll start sharing your offer with like-minded consumers straight away—most stores see new first-time store visitors from GoodCarts within days, or even hours. Our seamless coupon creation tools help you design the most attractive offer to maximize your success—and your sales. Every store in our GoodCarts community works together to help you grow!

All stores receive far more coupon views than the post-purchase traffic your store sends to the GoodCarts discount page. Over time, stores generating more discount page visitors will receive proportionately more coupon views. Our network will optimize for redemptions to generate more new paying customers over time. To take full advantage of the free traffic, if your current offer is not generating enough coupon collections (free visitors to your store), consider highlighting different products or switching up the offer.

Being part of the GoodCarts community is free. We are currently working on paid bonus features, special services and additional opportunities to reach customers. We are committed to maintaining a free level of service for our post-purchase, cross-promotional ecommerce retail networks.

Yes, BUT don’t worry about cross-promoting your competition. It’s easy to exclude specific stores with our blocklist option or limit your offer to certain products or one use per customer.

Customers checking out from your store are invited to view offers from other stores in your circle. Offering a free perk builds brand loyalty AND other brands in your circle are inviting their customers to view your offer as well.

Absolutely! We want to set you up for success, so we offer free setup and support services to large and small retailers alike. To learn more, simply contact us with a link to your store and any questions you have and you’ll get the support you need.

Yes! In addition to the one click to install Shopify App version of GoodCarts, if your store is on an ecommerce platform with your own domain name (e.g. not exclusively on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc.), just join here. We have special “Integration Guides” and will help you with technology assistance, if needed.

At GoodCarts, we believe the only way to make online advertising and promotion better is to compete directly with the internet’s monopolistic providers of traffic and interest – you know who they are.

The value of advertising is to provide a new sale to your business. GoodCarts is built on the idea that a network of businesses can do this for themselves if they have the infrastructure. So, we built the infrastructure and committed to hosting, maintaining and improving it at no charge.

In this way, the price of a new sale for you on GoodCarts is zero. However, we are currently working on paid bonus features, extra traffic, and a variety of other features. However, we maintain our focus on creating a highly effective customer acquisition service for ecommerce retail stores.

As GoodCarts grows and adds new members and specifically-focused circles, there are several ways to make your offer stand out and attract the attention of new customers. First, we highly recommend creating an offer with compelling visuals to help catch people’s eyes. Second, our randomizer technology ensures different offers from different stores are shown frequently to help maximize the number of people who see your offer.

Grow your store—and your impact

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