GoodCarts featured at Small Business Digital Alliance event

The U.S. Small Business Digital Alliance, an initiative by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Business Forward, hosted a webinar featuring digital tools for entrepreneurs. GoodCarts was honored to be right up there on the national stage as the virtual panel was introduced by Isabella Casillas Guzman, Administrator of the SBA.

We shared the importance of growing community through ecommerce and highlighted the mission of GoodCarts member, the Nepal Tea Collective.

You can watch our snappy less than five minute portion of the event here:

For the full webinar on-demand see YouTube and check out additional events from SBDA or events from GoodCarts on-demand.

Part of the SBDA Digital Tool Library with Google, Amazon, Meta, PayPal, Microsoft and others GoodCarts was proud to be featured in their national press release recently as well: Steven Clift, CEO, GoodCarts: “Consumers are asking how to better shop their values online. Local small businesses have an opportunity to be part of that mix, but have to be digitally proactive.”

Need a Small Business Digital Marketing Webinar with a twist?

From short panelist presentations (see video version) about our free and innovative digital marketing tool to comprehensive e-commerce for purpose-inspired businesses webinars, let us know if you need a speaker. We’re experienced, well received, and have something completely unique to add to the mix.

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