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Our mission is to offer environmentally sustainable yoga equipment that re-wilds the inner-child and inspires the imagination. All with a focus on quality and contributing to a more inclusive world.
The Scoria Impact Story
At Scoria, we believe in celebrating being human; allowing space for natural expression, and celebrating our quirks. We also believe in being kind to not just others but earth as well, sustainability is at the core of everything that we do. We continue to create mostly natural products that are safe for earth through being either biodegradable, recycled or with a focus on minimalism in the use of energy and waste.

Scoria is a proud partner of Right To Play, committed to giving a portion of proceeds to safe education for Indigenous youth; which empowers kids in their day to day, teaches life-skills and career education through play, and brings access to community that celebrates diversity and their Indigenous roots.
Advice for New founders
"I always felt I functioned best as a solopreneur, but now I'm working to expand the team with partners I can trust in a way that takes items off my plate."
Yara Kamal
Founder of Scoria