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Ethically sourced, organic, fair trade body care products that regenerate your skin, communities and ecosystems. Together, we are making a difference.
The Zambeezi Impact Story
The best body care ingredients begin with those who cultivate them. Zambeezi is about people thriving!
As the founders of Zambeezi sat with community leaders, they discovered the root of the need in these communities wasn’t simply monetary. The solution was something that speaks to the very heart of Zambian culture: community and partnership. But, in a land-locked country with limited transportation, transforming potential into a thriving community business is an uphill battle. This is where a partnership was formed.
We are the connectors, bringing the incredible strengths and products of Zambian entrepreneurs, beekeepers and farmers to the North American market. We leverage our privileged access to a broader market, technology and transportation to connect our partners to our customers.

Every time you pick up your favorite tube of organic, fair trade lip balm and handcrafted soap, consider the partnership that connects you to this greater community.
Andre Houssney,
Founder of Zambeezi