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Featuring our beloved Adventure Sauce, Burny Wild's is a new eco-driven adventure brand that melds our love of food & art to create excitement & action towards a more healthy planet & community.
The Burny Wild's Impact Story
Burny Wild’s emerged out of a love of art, food, adventure and most of all, Mama Earth. Born out of our graphic design studio, MRC, in Raleigh, NC - we set out to craft the greatest condiment heat sauce in the world with Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce. But, our values went beyond taste. We wanted to use our superpowers to get people excited about a different world. One where saving the planet was not filled with doom and gloom, but rather possibility and joy.

Burny Wild’s will be a conduit for conversation and creativity. In support of our values, we’re also creating comics, art prints, games and more with our spirit mascot, Burny Wild, as the protagonist, living a life of adventure and care for the planet. Through these touch points, our goal is to help awaken our fellow earthlings that we can live a full life in service of people, planet and all of its inhabitants. Today and forever, our products will be vegan and as sustainable as we can, perpetually improving and innovating.
Advice for New founders
"The most important lesson learned so far in this venture can be stated in the form of a quote by the great Nelson Mandela: It always seems impossible until it is done."
Mike Rosado
Founder of Burny Wild's
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GoodCarts allows us to put our business dollars where it counts, and discover new partners, and like-minded organizations who also have an eco-driven mission.
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