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The Good Tee is a FairTrade and Eco-conscious apparel and accessory store that provides 100% transparency by openly sharing our full supply chain.
The The Good Tee Impact Story
Since 2002, nearly 300,000 cotton farmers in India have committed suicide. In 2013, Rana Plaza garment factory collapse killed and injured thousands of garment workers in Bangladesh. The list goes on. There is a disconnect in the apparel industry, between fashion brands and the maker, and for you, the consumer, it is even greater. Lack of transparency in the fashion industry costs lives and hurts our environment.

I started The Good Tee after learning about the high suicide rates among farmers in India. As a social venture, we’re all about transparency with our supply chain and supporting those who make our clothes, including farmers. It’s important to remember that people make our clothes, not machines.
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Advice for New founders
"I've learned about how clothing manufacturing has become faceless and nameless. And yet, the people who make our clothes are anything but. When I visited the factory, I managed to connect with them and realized they have their own valuable lives, as do I. They should be compensated fairly too."
Adila Cokar
Founder of The Good Tee
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