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Land Ecosystem
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Eco-friendly Products
Style with Substance. We are unapologetically conscious to the core because fashion is not at odds with sustainability.
The YesAnd Impact Story
We believe that what you wear impacts your wellness, and how clothes are made changes the earth we walk on, the air we breathe.
* We choose fibers with the health of our planet and its people in mind.
* Our organic farm project is the heartbeat of YesAnd. Regenerative and biodynamic farming techniques can restore depleted soil so it traps carbon and fights global warming.
* We certify our products to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure our products are sustainable from seed to skin.
* We are committed to fair wages, empowering female farmers, sustaining their local communities and no child labor.
* We offset some of our carbon impact by planting mangrove trees. We are working to be a Carbon Net Zero company.
* We partner with fashion rental site Wardrobe to keep YesAnd pieces in the system longer.
* We’re working to track each of our product’s origins -- from seed to skin, using blockchain technology.
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Marci Zaroff
Founder of YesAnd