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Fair Anita
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Cute + ethical + affordable gifts and accessories. We teamed up with kick-butt artisans worldwide to design ridiculously cute accessories that invest in women and fit your budget.
The Fair Anita Impact Story
At Fair Anita, we're challenging norms within the fashion industry and creating supply chains in the most ethical way we can imagine: investing in women and centering makers throughout every part of the process. We believe accessories should be stylish, affordable and thoughtfully-sourced. We go beyond fair wages, investing in the individuals who breathe life into each of our products.

We could not be changing the future of fashion without our artisan partners. As changemakers, they are on the ground making a positive impact both at home and within their local communities. These cooperatives prioritize the full humanity of each artisan: paying 2-4x minimum wage, plus health insurance and educational scholarships. They're innovators in using sustainable, often recycled materials, and they're constantly adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of their beloved communities.
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Advice for New founders
"Profits have never been the main goal. Human-centered, always. 2020 recentered us on what’s important: the people. What good is a big ol’ profitable business if it doesn’t take care of its people? We’ve always been about centering our makers and creating the most ethical business we can dream up."
Joy Mcbrien
Founder of Fair Anita
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