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Nepal Tea is a social enterprise that distributes the freshest teas around the world through a tech-enabled transparent tea trade that connects primary producers to the final consumers.
The Nepal Tea Impact Story
Tea is not just a beverage to us but a catalyst for social change and we're on a mission to get one million farmers out of poverty within their generation and within our lifetime.

Our story begins in 1984 when my father started the first certified organic tea garden in Nepal (Read the timeline here: https://nepalteallc.com/pages/our-story) to get the community out of poverty. Today, I am proud to call myself a second-generation tea producer that works on the same principle of people and planet before profit. Through tea, the once impoverished community is now a thriving ecosystem of organic cultivation.

Some of our impact work is best presented here: https://www.nepalteafoundation.org/
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Advice for New founders
"The most important thing is to "START" and let the journey be your teacher. While planning is super important, taking that first leap of faith and starting out might just be a little more important!"
Nishchal Banskota
Founder of Nepal Tea
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