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Founded 2,018
Clean Air
Clean Energy
Clean Water
Pollution Reduction
Hunger & Food Security
Job Skills & Training
Poverty Alleviation
Children & Youth
Ethnic Minorities
People with Disabilities
Women & Girls
Economic Development
Fair Trade
Eco-friendly Products
Cruelty Free (Body Care)
Zero Waste
Recycled Content
B Corp
Person of Color Owned
At Atheava, we provide all natural beauty skin care products including hand soaps, hand sanitizers, hand wash, body wash and face wash.
The Atheava Impact Story
At Atheava, we produce high-quality natural skin care products made in a sustainable manner and provide dignified means of employment for women in rural India.
Advice for New founders
"As a B Corp, we are committed to the core philosophy of the B Corp community, “to use business as a force for good,” in mindfully selecting future product additions and business partnerships, further promoting the shared goal of providing extraordinary possibilities for all."
Rohit Madan
Founder of Atheava
Why Does Atheava Use GoodCarts?
Goodcarts is a great platform as it integrates businesses like Atheava along with other businesses which have a social and environment mission behind their products. Businesses with a mission provide value to the consumers through their high-quality products and also contribute towards sustainable development in the world in their own small way by reducing their carbon footprint on planet Earth.
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