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Revy Fair Trade
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Accessories that save the planet and provide hope for future generations.
Our artisans use recycled & natural materials to craft handmade goods; our fair trade practices guarantee economic stability.
The Revy Fair Trade Impact Story
For more than a decade, Revy Fair Trade has helped artisans in El Salvador bring their unique creations to a wider market and, in turn, ensure these artisans can earn a living wage.

With the proceeds generated through Revy's sales of their handcrafted items, our artisans have been able to acquire an organic farm, build a library and invest in educational programs which help lift up the community. We've been thrilled to see so many children finish high school -- no small feat considering education in El Salvador beyond the eighth grade is not free.

Revy has sponsored scholarships, raised financial aid in times of crisis and supported local environmental cleanup efforts.

One artisan co-op features bags and wallets made from reclaimed innertube rubber which is collected from a local highway by a small crew employed by the co-op. This is just one example of how our artisans help the environment and provide jobs in their community.
Advice for New founders
"We've had artisans abruptly disappear, or move under threat of extortion. One of our artisans had to flee her location, moving her entire workshop in one afternoon after being threatened. It is an ever-present problem, and one we don't quite know how to fix. All we can do is continue our support."
Ron and Mary Ober
Founder of Revy Fair Trade