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We partner with global nonprofit centers to employ people at-risk or survivors of human trafficking to create beautiful and unique fabric bags upcycled from remnants donated by clothing manufacturers.
The World For Good Impact Story
By earning the Certified USA Social Enterprise accreditation, World For Good is held to a higher standard and is committed to giving at least 50% of their profit back into their social mission. With over 40 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, World For Good aims to combat human trafficking through increasing awareness and facilitating employment opportunities for the most vulnerable. Our fabric tote bags literally carry the weight of the world.
We have created a pathway for consumers so that we can take an active part in eliminating the risk of exploitation by funding employment indirectly through purchasing beautiful fabric bags – made by survivors and those at risk. Every fabric bag purchased makes a difference. It makes a difference by providing meaningful employment – which leads to being able to successfully support a family without exploitation.
Advice for New founders
"Selling products is hard work. Selling a purpose is hard work. It’s hard for me to be in the mindset that a majority of consumers are buying products based on cost. People like our social and environmental mission, but will still make a purchase because the price is right."
Jennifer Moreau
Founder of World For Good
Why Does World For Good Use GoodCarts?
Being on the GoodCarts platform enables me to stand on the shoulders of giants in the social and environmental impact space and to have my products listed alongside of them. GoodCarts provides a common storefront for consumers that are looking for a way to make a positive impact in the world by buying products that are making a real difference to create a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative world.
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