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WorldFinds jewelry and accessories help empower women artisans in India through fair trade! The vibrant Kantha jewelry is handmade from repurposed Sari & Kantha textiles and discarded wood scraps.
The WorldFinds Impact Story
WorldFinds mission is to empower women through fair trade. Our jewelry and accessories create work for over 700 artisans in vulnerable communities in India. Each thoughtful design provides a job and a source of income for a female artisan and a means of preserving traditional crafts and art forms. This, in turn, provides education and food for the woman's family and community. Through the WorldFinds Girls Education Fund, we have been able to financially support many of our artisans' children through schooling - funding their tuition, books and other fees.

In addition to our fair trade partnerships, WorldFinds is making an impact across the globe through other philanthropic campaigns. Our Cause Bracelet Collection has resulted in over $28,800 in donations to various organizations doing good in the world. In June 2020, through the support of our Kantha Connection Collection, WorldFinds was able to donate $6,600 to the Equal Justice Initiative to support the fight for racial justice.
Kelly Weinberger
Founder of WorldFinds
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We love being part of a community that shares the same values of equality, sustainability and fair trade as we do!
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