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Lineage Botanica
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Apothecary. Textiles. Organic.
The elegance of Lineage Botanica is conveyed in the narratives of each creation. We offer one-of-a-kind, limited edition lineage upcycled treasures for the home.
The Lineage Botanica Impact Story
Artisan Made Home Décor - Antique Eastern European Heritage Textiles
We transform cultural knowledge and heritage textile traditions into eco-friendly, home décor lineage products that support our mission. Embracing and bridging models of sustainable commerce translates to using organic, natural, low-impact materials and production methods that reduce or eliminate waste. Through our supply chain we are tracking and employing lineage methods of crafting, including designing and material use development. We support communities in culturally rich, yet marginalized areas of Eastern Europe through job creation and the use of heritage-based practices. We transform cultural knowledge and traditions into eco-friendly, home décor lineage products that support our mission.
Advice for New founders
"Every day is an adventure.

Mostly the view "behind the veil" of Eastern Europe is where my personal lineage is from. My ancestry was not an open book due to the horrible events of WWII. Being Jewish, no one talked about what happened, it was too traumatic. I am learning so much."
Betsy Fields
Founder of Lineage Botanica
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