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We curate, craft, and sell social impact products for discerning consumers and socially conscious businesses looking to align their values with their procurement choices.
The HHPLIFT Impact Story
HHPLIFT is a nonprofit, social enterprise with a mission to forge economic independence through workforce and business opportunities for people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment. We believe everyone should have access to fair wage jobs and sustainable livelihoods, which means having disposable income, savings, affordable and decent housing, healthy food, equitable health services, dependable and safe local public transportation, and a quality education. However, jobs alone will not forge economic independence for an at-risk workforce. Employers of people overcoming barriers to employment must utilize a holistic approach that is comprised of ongoing support, including a focus on the social determinants of health, leadership training, and development of a viable, portable career in the marketplace.
Michael Arkes
Founder of HHPLIFT