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CatSpring Yaupon
Land Ecosystem
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Poverty Alleviation
Ethnic Minorities
Indigenous People
Former Prisoners
Women & Girls
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Yaupon: Tasty, sustainable and North America's only native source of caffeine. We like to say, "it's Texan, for tea."
The CatSpring Yaupon Impact Story
For us, sustainability is about more than the land: it's about community, too. We understand the value of people and the power that comes when we work together. Which is why we have been intentional in how we hire, following our People First employment practices. We work with parole officers to identify people who want their futures to look different than their pasts. And we work with women with a history of generational poverty, offering flexible work schedules so their next crisis won't mark the end of employment. We're also committed to utilizing the best sustainable practices in our harvesting. We've been certified organic and are working on our regenerative organic certification, making sure every step of our process helps to improve our environment and community.
Advice for New founders
"The success of individuals on your team will make or break your team. It's important to empower and then release everyone to run their race or play their part. Know what you're great at, figure out what you can learn, and surround yourself with talented people who can do the rest."
Abianne Falla
Founder of CatSpring Yaupon
Why Does CatSpring Yaupon Use GoodCarts?
Each of us can make a difference, and these differences begin at home with our individual choices. But we can make a much larger difference banding together. Being a part of GoodCarts allows us to work with other great companies committed to sustainability, forming a community of people dedicated to changing the world for the better.
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