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Wagster Treats
Hunger & Food Security
Job Skills & Training
Poverty Alleviation
Abuse Survivors
Ethnic Minorities
Mental Health
People with Disabilities
Former Prisoners
Women & Girls
Economic Development
Education & Literacy
Animal Welfare
Fair Trade
Non-Profit Social Enterprise
Wagster Treats are all natural dog treats baked and packed by people building employment skills to overcome homelessness and disability. Healthy for dogs, good for the community!
The Wagster Treats Impact Story
Working for Wagster Treats offers hands-on learning and dignified employment for adults overcoming homelessness, generational poverty and other challenges that have limited their opportunities. Our bakers trained at Fresh Starts Culinary Academy, an award-winning program that serves homeless and low-income adults. The training program and Wagster Treats launched at Homeward Bound of Marin, a innovative nonprofit operating shelter, housing and supportive services for homeless families and adults in Marin County, Calif. All profits from Wagster Treats support nonprofit shelter, housing and training services. Along with training that empowers our staff, Wagster also focuses on sustainabiity with plant-based ingredients and a low-waste environment. The kitchen that hosts Wagster Treats is a certified Bay Area Green Business.
Advice for New founders
"Learning curves are part of any business, so we do not need to have every answer right away. Belief in our mission, our team and our product goes a long way toward positive teamwork to keep solving challenges."
Homeward Bound of Marin
Founder of Wagster Treats
Why Does Wagster Treats Use GoodCarts?
GoodCarts has been an effective way to tell our story to people interested in making win-win purchases that meet their needs while supporting causes that are important to them. The Wagster team has been inspired to see so many other GoodCarts members creating amazing mission-driven products!
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