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Koru Street
Pollution Reduction
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Economic Development
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Fair Trade
Eco-friendly Products
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At Koru Street, we give new beginnings to waste materials, neighborhoods and lives. But eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring! All items are fair trade, created by organizations around the world.
The Koru Street Impact Story
I was traveling in Cambodia, four months into a six month trip and living out of a carry-on suitcase when I saw a car drive by with panels of all different colors. For some reason, that was the moment it hit me that we shop too frequently without need and discard too easily without thought of repair or reuse. A car with replacement panels of a different color drives just a well, but we discard an electronic device that is one generation too old. So when I started finding organizations making wallets from old inner tubes and gift boxes from plastic bottles, I knew this was something I had to get behind.

Over the last decade we have added more organizations and watched their employees learn new skills and move on to other jobs or start their own businesses. In the past few years we have kept 50,000 plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans. And I think these fun products put a smile on the buyers face as well!
Advice for New founders
"Stick to your fundamental principles. A few times I added new products which I thought were great but did not fit within the company's goals. This made it more difficult to explain what we were trying to do and the products rarely sold as well."
Amy Stretmater
Founder of Koru Street
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