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Amma's Umma
Job Skills & Training
Poverty Alleviation
Abuse Survivors
Children & Youth
Human Trafficking Survivors
Immigrants & Refugees
Women & Girls
Economic Development
Justice & Rights
Fair Trade
Eco-friendly Products
Zero Waste
Charity Supporting
Amma's Umma is a boutique for world changers! We ethically source all our products so they have the most positive impact possible and have a huge heart for adoption!
The Amma's Umma Impact Story
To date we have donated over $20,000 to adoption efforts both locally and globally. We also buy from 50+ artisan groups that ensure living wages and safe working environments and often do even more than that! We believe that every purchase has power and the potential for positive impact.
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Advice for New founders
"Since starting Amma's Umma, we've learned that the most beautiful part of owning a business is the community that is created around it and we are so thankful for our customers!"
Chelsea Winfield
Founder of Amma's Umma
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GoodCarts has brought us so many new customers and we are thankful for the organic reach!
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