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Los Colores de la Tierra
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Unique jewelry and wearable art handmade by Mayan artisans in Guatemala.

The main material is ceramic combined with jade and traditional Guatemalan embroidered textile.
The Los Colores de la Tierra Impact Story
Our signature ceramic beads are handmade using a special and confidential technique developed by Jaime and our artisan partners, refined over many years.

Jaime is from Colombia and he first arrived in Guatemala in 1995 where he soon discovered the incredible talent of the local artisans here. He also discovered the poor working conditions they had. He made it his mission to create dignified working conditions and fair terms for our artisan partners and their families.

After years of hard work, Jaime opened up our first shop in 1998 in Antigua. It quickly became apparent that the ceramic bead had immense potential. After years of refinement and development in collaboration with artisan communities, it became the Los Colores signature.

To this day, we collaborate with many indigenous communities around Guatemala empowering them to be able to support their families and work on their art through fair working conditions.
Advice for New founders
"There will be many ups and downs when you are a small family business. But it is in the downs that we learn and in the ups that we stay motivated and implement what we learn."
Jaime Vargas
Founder of Los Colores de la Tierra
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I like that we can help other small businesses with a social impact without even doing anything. It's a very modern and sustainable network way of doing business.
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