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Muichic Natural Jewelry
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Muichic (moo.e.sheek) is Fair Trade and all-natural jewelry, designed in Vermont, and ethically handmade in Colombia using Tagua seeds and other natural materials.
The Muichic Natural Jewelry Impact Story
Muichic Natural Jewelry is driven by its ethical commitment to planet and people through the power of good design. Based on the tagua seed we design collections that are all-natural and eco-friendly. With help and guidance from the Fair Trade Federation we collaborate with skilled, talented Colombian artisans that craft this amazing raw material using traditional techniques as well as new ones to create unique, versatile designs. Dried Tagua seeds resemble ivory in color, texture and hardness, hence their nickname: Vegetable Ivory. These dried, hard seeds are polished, dyed, and shaped into beads that become Muichic’s natural jewelry. Tagua is naturally organic, it grows wild throughout the rainforests of South America. Tagua is sustainable, the seeds are harvested only when the fruit is ripe and has fallen to the ground, this allows the Tagua palm trees to provide valuable habitat to animals, and also assists with rainforest preservation by preventing the cutting of trees for farming.
Advice for New founders
"It's vital, now more than ever, to be kind to one another as human beings and to mother earth. We have to support and promote the work of talented, skilled artisans and their cultural traditions to offer better, richer alternatives to consumers."
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