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GuateMaya Art and Culture Connection
Clean Water
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Hunger & Food Security
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Poverty Alleviation
Children & Youth
Ethnic Minorities
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Indigenous People
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The GuateMaya Art and Culture Connection is a social enterprise that features a wide selection of unique art and crafts by Mayan artists and artisans from villages around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
The GuateMaya Art and Culture Connection Impact Story
Over the past ten years, we have been working directly with over 40 artists and artisans and have had a substantial impact on their income and ability to support their families by providing year round sales and a greatly expanded market to supplement the seasonal local tourist trade.
We organize events, shows and gallery exhibits to help promote the artists, foster an appreciation of their rich art and culture and increase awareness of the economic, political, environmental and social issues that impact indigenous communities. We have sponsored some of them to come to the United States to present their work and share their culture.
We help to support several programs that provide educational, cultural awareness, nutritional and housing services to youth and families in and around the communities we work with. We also help support young people to realize their dreams.
With your support, our business can reach a much larger audience and have an even greater impact. Thank you!!
Advice for New founders
"Living and working with indigenous people in their own community has given us greater insights and a profound appreciation for the richness that other cultures can offer us and how important connections across borders and cultures are. We have learned the value of gratitude and humility."
Imre and Lorna Kepes
Founder of GuateMaya Art and Culture Connection
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