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Soak iT Up
Climate Action
Land Ecosystem
Pollution Reduction
Eco-friendly Products
Recycled Content
Soak iT Up Cloths and Clards puts the FUN in functional. Our gifts and greetings are clever, eco-friendly, vegan, natural and last for months. Reusable, one does the work of over 1,500 paper towels.
The Soak iT Up Impact Story
Soak iT Up is committed to doing things the right way. Our products are eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan and compostable. Our commitment includes sourcing recycled papers for packaging, using the most efficient methods for production and shipping, to designing a self-mailer that reduces waste while helping to communicate our sustainability message.
A portion of sales is given to A Time for Trees and other environmentally forward causes.
Advice for New founders
"Trust your instincts, acknowledge and learn from mistakes and problem-solve with your eyes on the intention."
Carla Scholz
Founder of Soak iT Up
Why Does Soak iT Up Use GoodCarts?
It feels great to know and trust that my customers will be presented with like-minded, impactful businesses when they check out from my store and it is a gift to receive orders through GoodCarts.
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