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BraveHoods is a one-for-one nonprofit. We gift hooded apparel to kids with cancer and their sibling/s. We know everyone loves a hoodie, so we sell our awesome, inspiring shirts.
The BraveHoods Impact Story
BraveHoods was founded after watching my daughter go through cancer treatment. She is 15 and doing great now, but when she was almost 5 she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and bald for a year. Cancer and treatment is hard enough, but being bald was the worst part for her. Our once outgoing kid was now too self-conscious to go anywhere but the hospital.

I knew I couldn't cure her cancer, but I could help her to feel more comfortable. About halfway through treatment we found that a lightweight hoodie did the trick. She could keep her hood up when she was out and about and put it down when she was with friends. We wanted to give back to our amazing community so BraveHoods was born. This didn't make treatment any better, but at least she could control one part of it.

Our shirts are soft, inspirational and work for anyone. To date, we have gifted over 10,000 BraveHoods to kids all over the country.
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Advice for New founders
"I have learned so many things since starting this organization 7 years ago - but my main take-away is: DO SOMETHING. We have learned that a small gesture of love and caring can make a HUGE difference to kids and families going through cancer treatment."
Allison Yacht
Founder of BraveHoods
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We love that we can reach customers outside our normal avenues. We love introducing our product to new people.
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