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We help women who treasure uniqueness connect to their own sense of beauty, their values and the world by opening the doorway to the Stans of Central Asia. Fashion & home décor lead the way.
The HoonArts Fair Trade Impact Story
As the only Fair Trade Federation member focusing on fashion and home decor from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, we have been able to build bridges to empower our artisan partners, span the cultural divide and build a shared future together. Since 2014, HoonArts has been opening the doorways to Central Asia through our close partnerships with a curated collection of internationally renowned artisans who are working to preserve their authentic cultural and artistic heritage.
We give our clients direct fair trade access to this alluring and little-known world through a combination of travel, online experiences, behind-the-scenes education, and fabulous handmade fashion and home décor products. As a western "ambassador" for our artisans, we are also providing new economic opportunities, self-confidence, dignity and pride for our artisans, most of whom are women with no other source of cash income. Our vision: True appreciation for our beautiful diversity and our shared humanity.
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Advice for New founders
"HoonArts, at heart, has never been selling "just" products. It took the challenges of the pandemic, however, to recognize that our ultimate success as a catalyst for global transformation requires us to embrace our wider mission with open arms, even though "experts" may disagree with our model."
Rikki Quintana
Founder of HoonArts Fair Trade
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We love being a part of GoodCarts because it fosters a new approach to business based on cooperation and collaboration instead of just competition. By sharing our audiences, we can grow the size of the pie for everyone, instead of just focusing on growing our own slice of the pie. GoodCarts is an inspirational alternative to "business as usual" that gives us hope for the future.
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