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SAATHËA is a socially conscious and science-based beauty brand with a focus on beauty inside out using superfoods for radiant skin & well-being. Our effective products elevate mind, body and soul.
The SAATHËA Impact Story
This is a tale of two discoveries: In 2007, our founder Deborah Agustoni's life changed forever during a trip to Cambodia. Not only did she witness the harsh vulnerability of human trafficking, she also discovered the Cambodian Blue Butterfly Pea Flower - a unique, radical ingredient that she was certain she had a calling to use. The two contrasting discoveries caused a revolution in her heart and a calling she knew she had to pursue.
Saathëa, was born with a clear mission in mind: to fight human trafficking through the power of the finest, cleanest beauty and wellness products that deliver remarkable results.
Proving wellness can be used as a force for good, Saathëa impact-sources its key ingredient - the Butterfly Pea Flower - from marginalized women in Cambodia and provides them the means to break the cycle of poverty that fuels human trafficking. In this way, they are free to define their own future by becoming financially independent.
Advice for New founders
"Persistence is a key quality to embody as an entrepreneur. Equally important is to be focused and flexible. Stay focused on your mission, but be flexible in how you go about achieving it. Setbacks are inevitable, but seeing them as lessons rather than failures is fundamental to success."
Deborah Agustoni
Founder of SAATHËA
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Deborah Agustoni, SAATHËA
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