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Job Skills & Training
Poverty Alleviation
Ethnic Minorities
Women & Girls
Economic Development
Fair Trade
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Darzah is a non-profit, ethical fashion brand creating authentic, handmade Palestinian products. Our goal is to bring tatreez embroidery to the world to celebrate and preserve Palestinian heritage.
The Darzah Impact Story
As a Fair Trade certified brand, we are committed to providing our employees fair working wages and conditions. Our artisans are women from the West Bank who have historically endured marginalization in the form of low-income, gender inequality, and lack of economic opportunities. Darzah’s mission is to economically empower these women by providing job opportunities, training and a fair income.

Our products are 100% handmade in Palestine. Each and every purchase from Darzah contributes to artisan salaries, employment programs and job training in the West Bank.

Darzah is a project of Child’s Cup Full, a non-profit initiative based in Zababdeh, a village located in the northern West Bank.
Advice for New founders
"Women from the community continually contact us in search of job opportunities. As we grow, we are able to hire more workers and offer our current artisans additional training. To continue offering additional services to the community, growth is central to our company."
Dr. Janette Habashi
Founder of Darzah