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Founded 2,019
Knife N Spoon
Person of Color Owned
Knife N Spoon is a unique vegan business and father-son duo dedicated to serving friends and family a wide variety of offerings to raise your kitchen game to the next level.
The Knife N Spoon Impact Story
Chef Ed Harris hails from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. He credits his love of great cuisine to his Guyanese upbringing. With his parent's kitchen serving as a central gathering place for the family, Ed's fire for cooking was ignited at a very young age.

With Atlanta as his home base, Chef Ed launched a line of products which include specialty spices, vegan recipes, breakfast foods, cookbooks and artisan aprons.

From vegan baking mixes and global spices to his "Veganish" cookbook and hand crafted aprons, Chef Ed and his son Edward love creating, tasting and playing together.
Ed Harris
Founder of Knife N Spoon