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Protein for the planet! Our superfood protein blends support regenerative agriculture, are healthy for the human and gentle on the planet. Better tasting whole food protein.
The Orchestra Provisions Impact Story
Our business is a vehicle and tool to achieve impact. Our primary goals are:
1. To achieve global food security, providing a sustainable food staple that is capable of feeding billions of mouths in a way that
2. Mend broken food systems by supporting regenerative farming techniques so that we can
3. Conserve wild spaces for future generations, recreation and most importantly biodiversity for carbon sequestration, aquifer regeneration and a healthy ecosystem balance.

Our goal is to normalize the practice of "entomophagy" (eating insect protein) by showing people that they can be ingredients in wonderful recipes and don't have to be eaten whole. Our products allow people to have the value of added nutrition of an alternative protein without compromising the dining experience. Our alternative protein offers all of the essential nutrients of beef, with less environmental impacts than competing plant protein!
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Advice for New founders
"As founders we are 100 percent aligned with and passionate about our goals. The endless hard work is completely worth knowing that we can make the world a better place. People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and if you spread a message of love, people will follow!"
Kate Stoddard & Beppe Amodio
Founder of Orchestra Provisions
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GoodCarts is a community we are proud to be a part of. Their model allows us to gain visibility with no cost. GoodCarts is essentially fueling small start ups like us that envision a better world. GoodCarts allows us to reach our target audience that has shared values, we are always stronger together...GoodCarts is a gathering place to do just that, use our collective powers to achieve big impact!
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