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Pollution Reduction
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Human Trafficking Survivors
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Fair Trade
Beautyologie is a one-stop shop for ethically sourced products for consumers who want skincare & cosmetics that make a difference, not just on the surface of their skin, but in the world we live in.
The Beautyologie Impact Story
Beautyologie is the first fair trade and ethically-sourced beauty marketplace. Why is this important? Skincare and cosmetics, like food, are most often made up of plants. They’re grown, harvested and even processed by people around the world. And just like our food system can promote unhealthy labor conditions, the same goes for skincare ingredients.

Brands that formulate with fair trade and ethically-sourced ingredients go the extra step to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages are paid for farmers and workers. This is especially important for women—they do the majority of farm work around the world. But they’re often underpaid and under-represented. When we shop for beauty, we all know to look for products that are clean, sustainable and cruelty-free. But fair trade practices and transparent sourcing in the beauty industry is what will truly create social change in this world.
Advice for New founders
"Following your passion makes the most rewarding type of work. This past year while building Beautyologie, I have met so many inspiring entrepreneurs from Peru to Sri Lanka. These relationships are what have helped me build something that didn't exist before and motivate me every day."
Robin Doyle
Founder of Beautyologie
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Being part of a likeminded community of cause-driven entrepreneurs, and having a platform that champions your efforts to conscious consumers. It doesn't get better than that!
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