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Lazarus Artisan Goods
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Our artisans in Honduras and Haiti create beautiful handcrafted leather goods that will last a lifetime.
The Lazarus Artisan Goods Impact Story
Our story = our artisans' stories, which chronicle the courage and determination required to invest in oneself.

In rural Honduras, young people are often pulled out of school before 6th grade in order to support their farming-focused family. Although it feels impossible to imagine, it tells of a worldwide reality.

Our artisans begin as students in a 3-year paid vocational program by our sister organization, Mission Lazarus. Students go to school for free, including their books, a daily lunch and a daily stipend.

We equip them with marketable skills so they can support themselves and their families for years to come.

Students learn to apply familiar farming concepts to themselves and their future. By graduation, they understand that the reward for investing in yourself is a lifetime of dignity and purpose and grow to become tenaciously committed to bettering their lives and the lives of their families.

100% of our profits go back into these educational programs.
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Advice for New founders
"It might sound cliche... but never give up! Social enterprises often have to deal with unexpected curveballs. It keeps us on our toes and fuels creative thinking. Social enterprise is not EASY, but it's so worth it. Our biggest driving force is watching our artisans succeed and better their lives."
Jarrod & Allison Brown
Founder of Lazarus Artisan Goods
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