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San Lazaro Coffee
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Our coffee grows in the volcanic soil of the La Botija Mountains in southern Honduras, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our passion is empowering women farmers through employment with thriveable wages.
The San Lazaro Coffee Impact Story
For centuries, women would pick specialty grade coffee in southern Honduras' primary coffee region, yet be paid only a fraction of what men made. Eager to provide for their families, they would take what they could get. That is, until the San Lazaro Coffee farm was established in 2004.

While our goal is to make the highest quality coffee we can, our passion is to empower women through employment. So today, we pay our workers thriveable wages - wages that bring their dreams within reach. And, led by our female farm manager, these women pour all the knowledge they've gained during a lifetime on coffee farms into each unforgettable cup.
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Advice for New founders
"Our compensation is nearly double the established Fair Trade wage levels. So, in 2020 we made the decision not to continue with Fair Trade certification, but to save the cost related to certification. Without middlemen, we guarantee that more profits go back to the community our coffee comes from."
Jarrod & Allison Brown
Founder of San Lazaro Coffee
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We love that our coffee is discovered by people who have never heard of us before! It gives them an opportunity to learn about our mission and try a bag of coffee. Our hope is that will turn them into San Lazaro Coffee drinkers for life!
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