At GoodCarts, we are inspired by online stores that empower people to shop their values and invest an ongoing portion of their sales revenue into social impact. That's what the impact economy is all about.

There are different "shop for good" or "shop your values" models among members of the GoodCarts Network:

  • Sustainable products and processes - Organic, recycled materials, upcycling, reused products, natural materials, comprehensive sustainable processes, climate offsets, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, eco-fashion, etc.
  • Fair trade - Workers and artisans get paid a living wage and cooperative models invest in their communities
  • Buy one, give one - People buy something knowing a related product is given to someone in need
  • Percent to charity - A dedicated percent of revenue is donated to a charitable cause
  • Charity run stores - A nonprofit store selling sustainable and/or traditional goods to raise money for their good cause
  • Ethical values and social goals - Not tested on animals/cruelty free, no GMOs, vegan, indigenous products, no child labor, empowering women, employing refugees, the disabled, etc. and more
  • B Corporations - Public benefit corporations - for-profit social enterprises with legally chartered public benefit goals 

At GoodCarts, we encourage people to choose the coupons from stores that best connect to the intersection of their needs and values. As we invite stores to join GoodCarts, we look for affirmative social good or sustainable mission commitments on their websites not just selling "good" products.

Below is our extended "pre-approved" list of organizations stores might be members of or have products they sell certified. While GoodCarts is starting with stores primarily focused on US customers, our stores and the brands they sell may be better connected to impact economy organizations all around the world.

Organizations, Certifications, or Network