1 Million Black Businesses – GoodCarts partners with Operation Hope

1MBB Operation Hope

The goal of the 1 Million Black Businesses Initiative is to impact the creation and expansion of one million Black-owned businesses in the United States by 2030.

The program is designed to help current and future Black business owners get started with a solid foundation or scale up their existing operations. Through resources like workshops, small business coaches and expert volunteers, new opportunities are created for aspiring Black small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Through our partnership, GoodCarts is committed to training 1MBB business coaches on the GoodCarts system, growing our Black-owned Business circle, highlighting the 1MBB initiative with current and future GoodCarts members and collaborating on future outreach, training and internship opportunities.

1MBB Resources from Operation Hope and Shopify

Check out these top resources from 1MBB:

Their further partnership providing a great Shopify trial. Also of note is Shopify’s Build Black online community and directory of Black-owned businesses (submit here).