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GoodCarts is now 100% free with zero commission to help your shop for good store until at least the end of 2020. Our goal is help you gain new customers by empowering more people to discover new ways to shop their values as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

GoodCarts helps mission-driven brands like yours gain new customers online.

It’s simple. Our partner stores promote your store after their customers make a purchase.

In return, after your customers checkout of your online store, you invite them to view exclusive discounts from other "good" stores. 

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With easy set-up, in just minutes, our digital version of "coupons on the back of the receipt" will promote your store to new customers.

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 25+ Member Stores and Growing

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  • Free coupon views - see how it works
  • Free store visits
  • Strong coupon redemption rates
  • Commissions based on actual coupon redemption - Zero up front cost! No monthly subscription!
  • Alternative to ever increasing online ad costs - Over 75% cheaper CPA compared to Google display ads


All Social Ventures, Conscious Capitalists, Sustainable Businesses, B Corps and Benefit Corporations, Entrepreneurs and Change Agents working to make business a global force for shared prosperity, sustainability, and social impact are invited to join the GoodCarts Network free of charge.


How it Works

1. Say Thanks
Customers invited to view exclusive offers at other GoodCarts network stores.
GoodCarts member stores display thank you message on their purchase confirmation page.
Stats show people shopping their values love the "thanks, you earned a coupon" button.
Thank You Banner
Thank you message, button text and color are fully customizable.
2. Great Coupons!
Free brand discovery! Customer discovers new "good" stores and brands.
Stores control value of their offers and when they expire. Codes are exclusive within GoodCarts (e.g. NOT in Google, RetailMeNot, public web).
Coupon Example
Customer with coupon code visits the new store with 2x-3x the chance to convert them into a new customer.
Customer chooses one coupon. They love that it's a special perk.
3. New Customers!
By joining, your store gets a regular flow of proven, new customers!
New store visitors ready to “shop for good" who care about sustainability.
Your "good" store joins for free. Gets free coupon views. Free store visitors. Commissions 100% results-based on the coupon redemptions only.
New customers for your store.
Consumer spending within the impact economy multiplied.


Building the Impact Economy Together

Is your store part of a "good" network? You are invited to signup now if your online store is recommended by a GoodCarts member, apply to join and are accepted, or if you are a member of, certified by, or a sponsor of one of the following organizations*:



Logo from good networks



Our full list of nearly 50 other sustainability, fair trade, ethical fashion associations and networks shares our welcoming and inclusive scope for changemakers in the impact economy. Contact us via Learn More if you have any questions. Or just sign-up now to join the network. *Does not imply endorsement.


 New Revenue

Let's give millions the opportunity to better shop their values. Together we can power the impact economy.


High traffic mission-driven online store?

If your store sends a lot more coupon redemption-generating traffic to the GoodCarts network than it gets back, we will share revenue.

Based on your customer's actual coupon redemptions on other "good" stores, you now have an alternative revenue source. Contact us for full details.

Deep ties to shop for good or sustainable stores?

GoodCarts hosts special thematic networks of stores with select partners.

If based on existing trusted relationships, you can bring 10+ stores into a dedicated network or our main network, let's talk.

Based on the commission revenue generated based on your efforts, we will share revenue to support the mission of your organization.



About Us

We’ll help you grow!

GoodCarts is a members-only network providing mission-driven online retailers new customers at zero upfront cost in order to grow sales and the global impact economy.

GoodCarts is incubated by Warecorp, a custom software product engineering firm dedicated to growing impact economy ventures. 


Steven Clift, CEO - is a serial entrepreneur and global "technology for good" public speaker with commercial, nonprofit, and government leadership experience. Recognized as a White House Champion of Change by President Obama and as an Ashoka Fellow for his technology for good work. He is the founder of E-Democracy, the world's first website about elections. His side hustles include the top rated 1 Radio News app and new TV News app. Steven joins GoodCarts as a dynamic engine for change and engagement.

Chris Dykstra, Founder – Chris Dykstra is a serial technology and media entrepreneur, community leader, and artist. He is a founding partner and CEO of Warecorp, an international software engineering, and consulting company working with impact entrepreneurs and change agents; Co-founder and partner in Drupal Squad; Co-founder and former Chair of The UpTake, an acclaimed non-profit online video news organization; founder and publisher of TheContributor.com an online daily news organization and GoodCarts, an network of online stores that connect for growth and impact.  His paintings and drawings are in collections around the country. 

WareCorp Technology Team - GoodCarts taps the talent of WareCorp, an international software development firm. Warecorp was founded in 2004 in Minneapolis to provide affordable web and software services to the impact economy. Since its founding, Warecorp has earned the loyalty of change agents and innovators working in media, health care, education, open government and nonprofits.  Warecorp has 70 employees located in Minsk, Belarus, Minneapolis, MN, and San Francisco, CA.