GoodCarts Pricing, Discounts, and Billing


Special Update: GoodCarts is 100% free with no commission with the Covid-19 crisis. This applies to all current and new member stores. More info.

GoodCarts is:

  • Free to join
  • No monthly subscription
  • Free coupon views and collections
  • Free online store visitors
  • Free to leave - no contract or obligation to continue 

Only if we deliver your store a paying customer is there a very reasonable results-based commission.

Our average commission is less than 1/10 the cost to convert a new customer from Google display ads and under 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of Facebook ads for retail conversions.(1) Why give your entire margin to Facebook and Google to gain a new customer? Are you ready to try something different for free until it proves that it works for your store?

Commission Rates 

  • Commission Free Trial: 0%
    • Until after we deliver your first new paying customer, there is no commission
    • Limited time 2020 special for the next new 100 member stores - signup now and contact us to activate the free trial commission
  • Base Commission: 18%
    • 18% of the final sales amount charged to your customer
    • We are not a marketplace, we deliver direct customers to you - therefore when you convert GoodCarts-driven new customer into a repeat customer there is no ongoing commission 

Commission Discounts

We offer commission discounts for:

  • Higher volume stores - Stores generating the most coupon views 
  • Over $100 average check-out total 
  • Fair trade verified/certified
  • Events, conferences, and via partners
  • Successful new store referrals
  • We crush Facebook/Google CPA ad costs - Show us your cost to acquire a new paying customer who has never been to your online store and we will be a fraction of that cost. 
  • Revenue sharing for stores generating the most redemptions

We love win, win opportunities to add a great shop for good brands to our reciprocity powered network. Contact us about commission discounts now or after you set up your account.


Billing is automated. When your commissions add up to $25, we charge your business credit card. Our system provides full transparency on redemptions and commissions.


(1) Digital advertising conversion costs are 10x more costly than a decade ago according to many sources. Today, Wordstream says the average conversion cost for Google Display Ads is $100 for general retail and $63 for apparel per customer purchase. With ever increasing Facebook conversion costs, Wordstream estimates of $21 for retail and $11 for apparel are both out of date and deflated with remarketing to existing customers likely in their estimate. Share your actual ad cost to gain a new customer (without remarketing), we will absolutely crush that cost with an ongoing commission discount if needed.