Join the GoodCarts Network in just four steps.

Join the GoodCarts Network for free and start running your coupons to bring in new customers today. Yes, today!

If you'd like to watch our video demo on how GoodCarts works and how to setup your account, contact us first.

Otherwise, the four easy steps are:

  1. Create an account for your store
  2. Create your first coupon
  3. Enter billing information (join for free, no monthly subscription cost, ONLY results-based commissions, leave anytime)
  4. Learn how to install your network code. Takes just 5 minutes on Shopify and we support other platforms.

You can start the process immediately and finish later as well.

And if needed, we will help you hands on with the final technical step.

If you need help, please contact us.


GoodCarts Network stores are pre-approved to join if you are a member of or certified by the social enterprise, fair trade, etc. organizations mentioned here. If you aren't sure if your store qualifies, just signup now and contact us about your social impact and sustainability activities. "Everyday" stores may be waitlisted for future affinity cart networks supporting small retail businesses, Made in America, Made in Canada, etc. should they be launched.