A Network Of Socially Conscious Businesses

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GoodCarts CEO Steve Clift was featured in this Forbes article by Devin Thorpe. Clift talks about his mission with socially conscious businesses:

Ashoka Fellow Steve Clift leads a new social enterprise to link sustainable and socially good companies post-checkout. When customers check out from a member store, they see an offer to receive a coupon to another store. This store is also socially impactful. After clicking, they’ll see a variety of coupons to choose from but can pick only one.

Today, this simple process connects a network of 25 social enterprises, but Clift hopes his GoodCarts service will one day include thousands of online stores that sell sustainable products or that donate profits to social causes.

“GoodCarts accelerates online growth for purpose-driven brands by connecting their businesses with customers from other online stores,” Clift says. “Our goal is to drive $1 billion in new sales revenue for our online retail members.” Clift is on a mission to connect socially conscious businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Read the rest at Forbes.

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