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GoodCarts CEO Steven Clift was interviewed by OurGoodBrands about our mission. Here are some excerpts.

What is GoodCarts?

GoodCarts is a new way for ethical and sustainable brands to gain new customers online. It’s like a digital version of coupons on the back of a grocery store paper receipt.

How? Reciprocity magic. You reward your customers for their purchases with exclusive discounts at other shops for good brands. In return, your store is promoted by those other GoodCarts member stores.

We know this is different than your typical ethical brand directory. Our goal is to build a collaborative community of passionate brands that work together to help you shop your values.

What kind of brands join GoodCarts?

GoodCarts is open to a wide range of “shop for good” stores. If you are a social impact entrepreneur in retail, your brand should join. As we innovate with stores globally, will we help existing conscious consumers spend a greater “share of wallet” for good. Additionally, we will create an engine that introduces millions of new people to new and established “good” brands.

How can conscious consumers help?

If you are a conscious consumer, tell the impactful brands that you love to join GoodCarts. We have to believe that together, we can help millions of more people shop their values to benefit people and the planet.

If you make a purchase from any of network members, you’ll earn a special discount you can claim from one of our other member stores.

Read the full interview at OurGoodBrands.


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