Drive ROI and Community With GoodCarts’ New Shopify App

Drive ROI and Community With GoodCarts’ New Shopify App

GoodCarts’ new Shopify app lets mission-driven brands create coupons to nurture community and drive sustainable growth.  

Growth is paramount for e-commerce businesses, but growing sustainably is a priority for mission-driven brands. This shift towards a sustainable future is particularly important when you consider that 71% of consumers prefer buying from brands aligned with their values

In light of this, we’re really excited to tell you about GoodCarts’ new Shopify app that helps you attract more customers, improve ROI, and automate sales — all while elevating your social impact. 

Community is Key

We’re very familiar with the role community plays in creating a sustainable and ethical brand, and this was our focal point when building the app. 

It works by helping brands focused on ethical and sustainable products build loyalty with smart digital coupons. These coupons are shared via other mission-driven stores in the network, improving customer experience, and driving your sustainable growth. This innovative new idea gives back and powers good stuff in the e-commerce world. 

We’re starting with a Shopify app but, if you’re feeling left out, don’t dismay — we support other platforms too. 

The best part is that GoodCarts is one of the easiest new Shopify apps to use — and it’s free. Your only task is to create a coupon via the intuitive in-built Coupon Creator. So, as long as you have a discount offer in mind and a featured image handy, you’ve nothing to lose by giving it a shot. 

Boost Sales and Grow Your Community 

If you’re wasting money on ads and not seeing any traction — stop. With our app, you can ditch low-converting, expensive ads in favor of mission-powered “word-of-mouth” sales. Our sustainable referral style strategy increases customer loyalty by creating exclusive digital coupons to promote your brand to relevant shoppers. 

It works by cross-promoting like-minded businesses under the principle that people buy from similar brands. This helps you reach more customers and improve your ROI — without spending a single dollar. 

Shine a Spotlight on Your Social Impact

Your mission is important and doing good is a priority. We get it — building an online community is crucial today regardless of your vision. This is why the GoodCarts app lets you promote your store and its values while building up other for-good businesses. 

We only have to look at the active Social Impact Business Community on Shopify to see that social impact-focused brands are on the rise. There’s plenty of love to go around. 

The GoodCarts app is a great way to connect with these businesses and ultimately change the way sustainable shopping is done. More great minds are better than one, after all. 

Let’s Grow Together

Sustainable growth is the dream for mission-driven businesses. We know how important it is, but also how tricky it can be. This is why the GoodCarts app has a dedicated tech team on hand to improve and develop features whenever we get feedback. We take your thoughts and opinions seriously and are continuously improving the usability of the app.

Our users are our biggest priority, and we’re committed to helping create a sustainable Shopify landscape that unites socially-aware brands.  

The 1, 2, 3 of How it Works

The GoodCarts app is one of the easiest new Shopify apps to get started on. There are literally three steps to the process: 

  1. Install the app and create a coupon offer.

    You can customize your coupon with your own branding, a featured image, and a unique discount code


  1. Your coupon is added to the network.

    This means that, when a customer checks out from another store in our sustainable network of brands, they’re invited to view and claim your coupon via a one-time link


  1. The customer can use your coupon to shop

    in your store using the unique discount code. 

Once your exclusive coupon is in our network, it will automatically be shown to relevant shoppers post-checkout. This is one of the easiest ways to reach new customers who have the same values as you and, as a result, continue to grow your loyal following. 

Bringing Together Like-Minded Brands 

It’s far easier to attract customers who believe in the same things that you do. We know this and believe that sustainable shopping is the future of e-commerce. Our mission is to bring together like-minded, mission-focused brands, and change the way people shop forever. 

With our new free (and incredibly easy to use!) Shopify app, you can grow your business and improve ROI without spending lots of money, or sacrificing your values.

Install the GoodCarts Shopify app here and create your first coupon today. 


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