The GoodCarts Guide: 13 Shopify Apps To Boost Sales and Your Impact Mission

Shopify Apps To Boost Sales

Shopify Apps to Boost Sales of Your Online Store

Chances are, if you’re exploring GoodCarts, you’re familiar with the vast resources within the Shopify app store as well. Easy to install, Shopify apps can grow your sales at little to no cost, and there are thousands to choose from.

With apps for every business purpose, finding the best ones for ethical e-commerce can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve already done the hard work for you. We’ve compiled the first ever GoodGuide: 13 Shopify Apps to Boost Sales and Your Impact Mission to help you find the marketing apps that will help you integrate donation opportunities into your payment methods, allow customers to tie carbon-offsetting to purchasing decisions, and increase conversions by leveraging social proof and targeted marketing. 

Apps for Ethical Action Steps

You’re already familiar with the power of free apps like GoodCarts for cross-promotion—every purchasing decision provides simultaneous wins for customers and merchants. Our Guide highlights apps of similar impact for carbon off-setting, enabling donations at checkout, and cause marketing.

Do you want to offset your carbon footprint? Googling every day to find the right ways to encourage charitable donations? Looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for your customers while also growing your audience?

For sustainable e-commerce stores, boosting sales doesn’t have to mean compromising your ethics. Whether your business is local or global in its reach, the Goodcarts Guide to Shopify Apps will help sell products, lower your footprint, and expand your audience. There is no shortage of options for new and experienced Shopify store owners alike. 

Goodcarts Guides to Grow Online Store Success

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And while you’re at it, join the GoodCarts network and connect with a growing community of socially-conscious entrepreneurs. We can expand your customer base and scale up your impact. A community awaits you. 

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